Video Library

1) Functional Core Exercises

3 Months Prone Exercise


3 Month Supine

Table Top

Bear Crawl

Sideplank Plus Kick Through

Oblique Sit


2) Brushing Exercises

Palmer Reflex: Brushing Integration

Gallants Reflex: Brushing Integration

Rooting Reflex: Brushing Integration

Babinski Reflex: Brushing Integration

3) Neurodevelopmental Exercises

ATNR (Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex)
Lizard Exercise

TLR (Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex)
Meatball Exercise

TLR (Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex)
Superman Exercise

Babkin Reflex Integration Exercise

Fear Paralysis Reflex
Integration Exercise

Moro Reflex
Starfish Exercise

Moro Reflex
Clam Exercise

Gallants Reflex
Squishy Bug & Silly Snake

Gallants Reflex
Snow Angel Exercise

STNR Cat and Camel Exercise

Babinski Reflex
Toe Grasping Exercise

Spinal Perez
Reflex Integration Exercise

Head Righting Reflex
Log Roll Exercise

Ball Walking Exercise

4) Functional Movement Exercises



Box Squat

Overhead Hold

Shin Box Flow Exercise

90 90 Exercise

Cervical Rotation Exercise

Push Up

5) Breathing and IAP

Diaphragmatic Breathing

6) Stretches

Glute Stretch

Saddle Stretch

Psoas Stretch


Chest and Shoulder Stretch