#035 – Life in Elmira – a & k Designs Co with Karolina Amos and Anna Truszkowski

Karolina Amos and Anna Truszkowski, two sisters and Elmira residents, created a &k Designs Co as a side business to help them create a travel fund. It all started by creating their classic pouch. From there they have designed more items such as fun wrist wraps, scrunchies, masks and headbands.

As part of their business they make sure to donate 10% of all proceeds to a local charity that is close to their heart. As they say, #SewKindness is very important to who they are and how they want their business to be presented in our world.

We loved learning more about how they started (including being gifted a sowing machine and lessons from a local women on how to do zippers) to the happiness they feel with each individual purchase 🙂

We loved getting to chat with these two passionate, kind, women and hope you enjoy the episode as well!

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