#034 – Life in Elmira – Chervin Furniture & Design with Steve Bauman

In February of 2017, the Chervin group of companies purchased Snider Brothers’ Furniture and renamed it Chervin Furniture and Design. Like every company in the Chervin group, Chervin Furniture and Design operates on the foundational principle of the Golden Rule: 

Do to others as you would have them do to you. 

Their goal is to provide extraordinary furniture with the highest aesthetics and exceptional quality to share with you and your family. Our group of companies constantly strives to improve the quality, construction, and styling while offering excellent value and incomparable service to our customers. 

As a member of the family-run and family-owned Chervin group of companies, Chervin Furniture & Design is in a unique position to make good on our golden rule of service. They believe that our customer-focused approach sets us apart in everything we do.

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More about Steve Bauman

Steve’s over-arching responsibility as Showroom Manager is to keep the 17,00 square foot showroom in Elmira running smoothly. That entails a lot of footwork behind-the-scenes, like ensuring well-trained staff is in place, keeping a good variety of products and styles on the floor, and all the other day-to-day things that keep Chervin Furniture & Design humming.

Steve has been with Chervin for 12 years and started as Purchaser in the manufacturing plant in Hawkesville. After a year, an opportunity came up with Colonial Times – a clock company that Chervin took over in 2008. He’s still there part-time and about two years ago he started at Chervin Furniture & Design in Elmira when the Chervin group took over that location.

While Steve helps out on the showroom floor as needed, he doesn’t deal directly with customers as much as he’d like to. His role is more about making sure the best people and products are in place and Chervin is staying current with trends in the furniture industry. That’s important in helping customers find exactly what they want.  Steve feels blessed that Chervin has excellent sales, design, and delivery staff.

When he’s not working, Steve tries to squeeze in a little time for biking and reading (not at the same time though). Reading is something you can do when you have 10 or 15 spare minutes. His reading preference is mostly business-related and self-help books.

Steve’s goal for Chervin Furniture & Design is to make it the “go to” furniture store. His aim is to offer furniture that appeals to the general public and also furniture lines that offer more customization that appeal to the design trade.

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Also, from October 15-24th, Chervin Furniture will be having their Fall Sale!