Why you will (probably) feel worse before you feel better

Feeling worse since starting chiropractic care? Don’t panic-many people do.

Here’s why.

Think back to your test results. What you saw was the result of a long standing pattern of nerve interference in your spine that has accumulated over years. Layers and layers of scar tissue and remodelling of ligaments, muscle and spinal bone.

Enter the chiropractor.

In just a few visits, your spinal bones (vertebrae), muscles and ligaments will see more movement than it has in a long time. I fully expect your spine, muscles and ligaments to ‘resist’ these early changes.

Expect any added discomfort to last a week or two.

This is the phenomenon that explains,

“I went to a chiropractor and he made my spine worse!” What likely happened is the chiropractor did not prepare this person for the inevitable “cranky period” you are may be feeling right now.

Drs. Sarah and Thom