Are your kids safe?

As we prepare to send our kids back to school, we start thinking about how to keep them safe. I can still here my mom saying, ‘Look both ways when crossing the street,’ ‘don’t talk to strangers,’ ‘tie your shoes so you don’t trip,’ and ‘wear your helmet.’ Kids run, jump, fall, roll and tackle every day. This is called play and you can’t save your kids from all of the physical stress they might run into, including walls. However, you can help correct and prevent some of the stress on their little bodies by taking them to a family chiropractor.

How? Most people are surprised to learn that the first stress placed on a child’s neck and spine is during the birthing process. An estimated 60-90 lbs of force is used on an infant’s neck during ‘normal’ delivery. Do you think this could cause damage to your child’s spine and nervous system? Fact: The nervous system controls every cell and organ (heart, lungs, brain, stomach) in your body and as much pressure as the weight of a dime can cause permanent nerve damage. Equally surprising is the fact that 26% of children surveyed at school reported a history of back pain.

Many adults that come into our office show evidence of childhood injuries that were seemingly harmless at the time but are a cause of their issues today. They learn this and ask, ‘when is a good time to have my kid’s spine checked?’ The answer is simple, as soon as they have a spine (they have spines at birth). If you said when they have back pain, then you are missing the best part about chiropractic. The best part is that by correcting interference in the nervous system, it enhances the bodies healing capacity allowing for proper growth and development; it doesn’t just help with back pain. We see a lot of children in the office and 95% don’t have back pain, and many don’t have any diagnosable health issues at all.

As a parent, you can’t prevent all bumps and bruises, but you can ensure your child’s nervous system is optimized by taking them to a family chiropractor.

Have a safe and happy school year!