Why Some Develop Allergies And Others Don’t

If we all breathe the same air why do some people develop “allergies” and other people don’t?

This is absolutely a vital question, with the answer giving us the groundwork for understanding everything there is to know about being healthy and living the life we deserve!

Daniel is 8 years old and has allergies so bad that he can’t leave the house some days. Even leaving the sterile, air-conditioned house for an important appointment is a major effort on Daniel.

“Do you think you can help my son?” the father asks.  “It’s awful what he has to go through and it’s killing him not to be able to play with his friends.”(Talk about injustice – a kid that can’t play outside with his friends!)

“What have you being doing for Daniel and his allergies up to this point?” I ask.

What follows is a far too common scenario and one you may even recognize:

The child has allergies, which leads to drugs. The drugs work for a bit, but then stop working. Stronger drugs are used, these stop working.  Injections are used, these stop working.

Now you have a child on a heavy dose of medication with the same allergies they had before.

Why does this keep happening?

You see we have it all wrong.  We say things like: “ragweed pollen makes me sick” and we blame the ragweed pollen. Isn’t it odd that many people breathe in ragweed pollen and don’t get sick? The problem is not the ragweed pollen; it’s your body’s ability to adapt to the ragweed pollen. If your body adapted well then ragweed pollen (or any other ‘allergen’) would not cause you any trouble.

So how do we that? How do we increase the body’s ability to adapt?

If you had to pick one system in your body you thought would be the most important for coordinating adaptability, which would that be? I hope you said the nerve system because that is the answer. Do you think that if you had a healthy, free from interference nerve system, that your body could adapt better? Insert Chiropractic here.  Chiropractic is the only profession whose goal is the health of the nerve system.  Every adjustment helps the nerve system function better and helps your body adapt better.

Why do you think chiropractic has helped people like Daniel? Chiropractic does not treat or cure allergies or any other disease, but by improving the nerve system it can help your body adapt to allergens in your environment better. In fact, a healthier nerve system can help everyone adapt to everything…better.

Are there other things you can do to help your allergies? Yes of course. Stop creating unnecessary inflammation in your body, stop being so stressed out, exercise, eat well…etc. I bet you already knew those… but I bet you didn’t know about Chiropractic and the nerve system. Now you do. Go be extraordinary!